New Lanark

This is an excerpt from my guest post on the New Lanark UNESCO World Heritage Site blog

What does the world famous Smithsonian Museum have in common with a small mill town in the south of Scotland? The answer lies in the heart of the New Lanark UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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World Book Day 2015

I won a writing competition when I was in secondary school. I had a collection of silver and bronze badges sitting in my cupboard at home so coming first was an exciting development. To win, I had to write one sentence to sum up why I thought people should read (NB: how many words do you have to write to make it a legitimate writing competition?).
My prize was any book of my choice. I can’t remember which I chose. But I can still remember the essence of what I wrote to win it: “People should read books because they can transport us to a world that we didn’t know could exist”.

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